As a DMK Pure salon, we offer exclusively this bespoke range of results driven skincare and professional treatments that address even the most challenging of skin conditions.

Skin peels

  • Mini peel

    Buy 5 - 1 free

  • Mini peel with enzyme treatment
    The Mini Peel performs a controlled micro-removal of the epidermis with minimum down time. Reduces fine-lines, wrinkles and open pores and brightens the skin, leaving the skin looking instantly radiant and luminous. This process also encourages new cells to grow stronger and healthier.
  • Pro alpha six-layer peel
    A resurfacing procedure for those wanting dramatic results. Pro Alpha Six-layer Peel revises damaged skin and works to re-establish the skins structural integrity. An exclusive blend of AHAs and BHAs is applied systematically in layers. The strength of the formulation is tailored by your therapist to suit your skin colour, texture, sensitivity and condition. The procedure takes 14 days. While not recommended for fine or fragile skin, the peel can be applied to thick skin, uneven textured skin, wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation, sun-damage and scarring. Follow with a series of six Muscle Banding Treatment for optimal results.
  • Remodelling procedure
    An industry proven way of dealing with sun-damage, premature aging, loose sagging and wrinkled skin. Suited for face and body, it focuses on improving confidence and happiness. RP is based on the preservation of healthy and attractive skin on both the body and face. RP aims to revise the processes that have developed as a result of the sun or environmental damage

Sasi Rewards – Buy 5 of the same, receive one free. Must be five of the same value DMK Facials or Enzyme Therapy treatments. No discounts apply. Not transferable to other services or other clients. Not valid with any other offer. Upgrades available but free treatment is the same value as the least expensive treatment purchased. Applicable for DMK Facials and Enzymes.