Now that the harsh summer sun is softening, maybe leaving in it’s trail some pigment, patchy tan, and excess dry skin cells, our thoughts can turn to a “really good deep exfoliation”. That fresh new feeling!

Achieve your desired look, with a FREE Diamond Microdermabrasion (normally $95)

This can be yours when you have any of the following:

  • DMK Enzyme Therapy treatment – Revises the way your skin functions. Firms, tones, oxygenates, from $150
  • LED Light Therapy – regenerates, heals, kills bacteria associated with acne and breakouts, $120 
  • Microcurrent (Non surgically lifting the face) – Restores the muscle tone of the face and neck, $120
  • Sasi Spa Facial – Our signature relaxing facial, $120

Valid to 30 April 2019. No limit to the number of treatments you may have. Diamond Microdermabrasion can be performed weekly.

Feel the need to go deeper? Then consider one of the now famous DMK SKIN PEELS

You will need to PREP TO PEEL, and we have the perfect packages to prepare your skin for the best skin peel you can have.

Want to know more? Just ask next time you are in the salon, or call us on 3882 3826.

Sasi Skin Spa SASI4206-EDM-and-Web-graphic-800x423-skin-peel-1-1030x545 Peel away the layers
Sasi Skin Spa SASI4206-EDM-and-Web-graphic-800x423-skin-peel-2-1030x544 Peel away the layers

Our delightful junior DMK Therapist, Carrie, needs to do as many Enzyme Therapy treatments as possible, so please help her out.

Book a DMK Enzyme Therapy treatment with Carrie and receive $50 off!

Valid to 30 April 2019.