As a DMK Pure salon, we offer exclusively this bespoke range of results driven skincare and professional treatments that address even the most challenging of skin conditions

DMK peels

REWARDS CARD | Buy 5, receive one free

  • Six layer peel/remodeling procedure
    Remove dead skin cells and instigate collagen development. Designed to improve the structural integrity of the skin and help revise skin back to a youthful, healthy state, targeting sun damage, fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, and scarring. The results are amazing!!

  • Pro peel series
    $220 per week
    A course of 6–12 is recommended. For those who cannot have the down time of a six layer peel.

  • Bihaku peel
    Designed for Melasma and stubborn patches of pigment. A 10-day in-clinic program. Includes required products.

  • Mini remodelling procedure
    $220 per week
    Best as a course of 6-8 treatments. For those who cannot have the down time of a full remodelling procedure. A proven way of dealing with sun-damage, premature ageing, sagging and wrinkled skin. This treatment combines DMK’s signature enzyme therapy to strengthen the structural integrity of the skin to restore optimal skin function for healthy skin.
  • Lunchtime peel (mini 6 layer peel)
    Instantly radiant & luminous skin, with a controlled micro-removal of the epidermis, effecting increased cell turnover. Minimises fine-lines & wrinkles, plumps the surface & encourages new cells to grow stronger & healthier, without any visible downtime or post treatment irritations. Lunchtime or any time!

On specially marked services, buy five of the same DMK facial, DMK peel, DMK Enzyme Therapy, LED light therapy, micro current or microdermabrasion treatments and receive one free. No discounts apply. Not transferable. Not valid with any other offer. Upgrades available. Free service is equal to the least expensive service.