Terms of Purchase

As well as the Terms of Use, these terms and conditions (“the Terms of Purchase“) set out the additional conditions under which you may purchase products, services or gift vouchers appearing on this website. By making application, you are agreeing that an agreement exists between you and Sasi Skin Spa immediately. Each application is a separate agreement.


You must take responsibility for the safekeeping of any username and password, as you are liable if any unauthorised person should access your data by using your username and password.


You must pay for your vouchers purchased on this website at the time of placing an order using the PayPal secure payment facility.  You agree that PayPal is responsible for processing and the security of your payment, and you hereby release Sasi Skin Spa from any liability in relation to such payment. Please refer to PayPal’s terms of use for conditions applying to their payment processing services.  PayPal operates a secure payment process to protect your payment and personal details.

To further ensure the integrity of your payment information (Credit / Debit Card, EFT, PayPal, etc.), Sasi Skin Spa will never receive, record, or store your personal financial details, or pass them on to another party.

Please also refer to the specific terms and conditions related to Returns, Refunds, and Cancellations.

Variation of Products and Price

Prices listed on this website may vary at any time and are subject to change until you have paid for the products or services in full.


Sasi Skin Spa always intends to treat all customers fairly and with integrity at all times. This includes procedures related to refunds, replacement items, or product returns.

Product refunds or Returns will be treated strictly within the legal requirements of Consumer law. Sasi Skin Spa has no responsibility for products or services provided by any other parties.

With all our products we offer a 14 day Guarantee Policy. The product will be refunded by way of an in salon Credit or swap for another product if it is:

  • Faulty in any way
  • Causes a skin irritation in any way
  • Has had only the normal amount expected to be used for the 14 days maximum. ie Not if the product is half empty after 14 days.

We also offer a useable time warranty over the packaging of the product. ie If the pump fails to work and the product is within the recommended 3 months since purchase time therefore not allowing the purchaser to receive full enjoyment from the product. This product will be replaced.

We do not give any money back or credit refunds if

  • The purchaser changes their mind
  • The skin irritation is not reported to the salon within the 7 days of purchase
  • It has been more than 14 days since purchase
  • The product is not recorded on our computer system as purchased from our salon.
  • The product was not being used as instructed by the therapist at time of purchase

If we cannot replace the faulty product or the skin irritation is an allergic reaction to an ingredient in the product and we have no other product to treat the same concern without that ingredient in we will issue a full money back refund by way of how the product was purchased.

Refund Process

Any refund due will be paid only to the person or party that made the original payment.
Sasi Skin Spa does not see your financial details, and cannot refund a Credit or Debit Card directly. This must be done through PayPal or financial institution by reversing the original transaction, or by crediting your card. Using the original transaction reference number ensures that the refund goes directly to the original card. This process may sometimes involve the disclosure of further information.

Any reversal of a transaction can only be to the amount of the original transaction – if two products are paid on separate transactions, then refunds must be handled individually, and cannot be rolled together.

Similarly, a transaction can only be reversed ONCE. If multiple payments are made on a single card transaction and a partial refund is agreed, no further refund is available against that transaction reference number. If further refunds are identified, they must be treated individually through separate processes.

Refund may take up to 10 days to complete. Attempts will be made to streamline the process, but there are also delays incurred with transfers between bank accounts.
Under no circumstances will cash refunds be made, regardless of the original method of payment.

If the original card has expired, been lost, or cancelled by the owner it cannot be used for a refund. Attempts to reverse a transaction will fail. An alternate refund method will be needed.